Essential First Aid Updates

Six excellent first aid programmes, designed to provide up-to-date information and advice regarding basic life support. The areas covered include CPR, the recovery position, choking and wounds.

There are 6 videos in this series.

3 mins Primary and Secondary Survey - Recovery Position
A step-by-step guide to the building blocks of first aid, this video takes you through the initial steps of action before professional medical help arrives.
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3 mins Basic Life Support - Adult
A run-down of the essential first aid skills needed if an adult casualty is not breathing normally, using simulated situations to provide advice.
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6 mins Basic Life Support - Child and Baby
Covering the differences in basic life support techniques when dealing with adults, children or babies, this video uses simulated situations to provide clear examples.
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5 mins Choking - Adult
Simulated situations show how to recognise when someone is choking, and what you can do to help, in a programme running through the basics of first aid.
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5 mins Choking - Child and Baby
Essential First Aid Updates explains how to recognise when a child or baby is choking, and steps to follow when assisting them.
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9 mins Wounds and Bleeds
Using simulations, the correct way of dealing with different kinds of bleeds and the best ways to treat wounds, are demonstrated.
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