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EYFS Professional Knowledge

Looking at early years' development and finding out from experts in the field how we we can learn from other countries' practices, as regards children's wellbeing and the curriculum.

There are 4 videos in this series.

5 mins Cultural Perspectives (Amita Gupta)
Two experts discuss cultural perspectives in relation to EYFS, looking at where the balance should be between pupils' wellbeing and a knowledge-based approach, in this Early Years video.
No Subtitles
5 mins Learning from Europe (Gunilla Dahlberg)
Two Early Years experts discuss what EYFS practitioners can learn from the ways in which young children are supported and encourage to learn in other European countries.
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5 mins Understanding Parents' Attitudes
The results of research into the attitudes of two minority groups of parents, British Asian and asylum seeking, at the Early Years Foundation Stage are revealed at the European Early Childhood Research Association Conference (EECERA) 2010.
No Subtitles
5 mins Wellbeing (Tessa Livingstone)
At the European Early Childhood Research Association Conference (EECERA) 2010, Dr Tessa Livingstone talks about child wellbeing.
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