FE: Teaching for the Future

We follow various teachers who aim to make their lessons as inclusive and engaging as possible, with the help of the input of mentors.

There are 8 videos in this series.

15 mins The History Man
This programme explores techniques for teaching A-level history and advice on how to get students more actively involved.
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15 mins Ready Steady Teach
In Ready Steady Teach, an experienced chef changes his demonstration style to boost the confidence of his catering students and begins to ask more direct questions to assess their learning.
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15 mins Teachy Feely
Marcia Gladwin is a holistic therapy specialist at City and Islington College, north London. This film follows her to see how she nurtures and empowers her Level 3 Health and Beauty Massage Theory class to develop their independent learning skills.
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15 mins A Wake Up Call
This programme investigates how one teacher in Lancashire gets his students more actively involved by changing his classroom layout.
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15 mins A Twist in the Nail
Michelle Zini is a professional beautician who now teaches heath and beauty at City and Islington College in north London. Her NVQ Level 1 students are learning the theory and practice of beauty treatment on nails.
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15 mins Natural Born Readers
Rupert Shortt teaches A-level English language and literature at City and Islington College in north London. At the beginning of the term he has to deal with some AS level students who fail to keep up with their reading of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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15 mins A Question of Sport
Angela Sidgreaves teaches A-level sports science at Runshaw College in Leyland, Lancashire. In this programme, we see her take an AS-level class through some of the theoretical aspects of outdoor sports recreation.
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15 mins Presentation Skills
Salina Kumbu teaches A-level language and literature at City and Islington College in north London. We see her successfully guide an AS-level language class through the grammatical structure of an Amnesty International article on torture, but she's not happy ...
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