The Finns' excellence in education is inspiring. A British teacher visits to learn from their experience, and sees learning by doing, smaller classes and mutual respect making a huge impact.

There are 4 videos in this series.

15 mins Secondary Maths - The Human Factor
Nigel Bispham, a deputy head teacher from Cornwall, visits Finland to discover why the country has scored so well in the international OECD PISA assessments.
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15 mins Secondary Science - The Fishing Line
Nigel Bispham, a deputy head from Cornwall, visits a Finnish school to investigate why the country's 16-year-olds have done so well in science in the international OECD PISA study.
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15 mins Primary ICT - Natural Connections
ICT teacher Ophelia Vanderpuye pays a visit to a Finnish Primary School to discover how academic research has helped one teacher improve the way she teaches.
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15 mins Primary Literacy - The Little Book Project
In this programme, Ophelia Vanderpuye, a primary school teacher from London, travels to Finland to learn more about the country's approach to teaching literacy.
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