Future School

The £60-million Hadley Learning Community is described as a school of the future. This series watches their four-year development up to opening, considers the pros and cons of PFI and whether they have 'raised the bar'.

There are 11 videos in this series.

30 mins Creating a New School
This programme charts the creation of the Hadley Learning Community, a new PFI scheme state-of-the-art extended school.
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15 mins Designed for Learning
In this episode of Future School, Principal Dr Gill Eatough works with architects, builders and designers who are developing the Hadley Learning Community.
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15 mins The Curriculum Challenge
With the spotlight shining brightly on the Hadley Learning Community, a 60 million extended school in Telford, there is pressure on the school's leadership to deliver improved results.
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15 mins Building the Workforce
In this programme Hadley Learning Community principal, Dr Gill Eatough, looks to build a workforce at the newly extended school, overseeing job interviews and placements.
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15 mins PFI - Friend or Foe?
This programme explores whether the relationships built at the Hadley Learning Community are a marriage made in heaven or a partnership doomed for failure.
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15 mins Including the Special School
The Hadley Learning Community is an exciting new PFI development that is home to, amongst other things, the relocated Bridge Special School.
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15 mins Safe and Secure
The Hadley Learning Community, a new state-of-the-art extended school, has been built to incorporate a very modern security system.
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15 mins Leading the Way
Dr Gill Eatough, principal at the Hadley Learning Community, is soldiering on; helping to design the HLC before her vice principals come on board to lighten the load.
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15 mins End of an Era
This programme features the bittersweet final term at Orelton Park where an air of celebration meets with the sadness of an era coming to an end.
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30 mins The HLC Opens
This programme showcases the culmination of four years planning and two years construction as the secondary phase of the Hadley Learning Community finally opens for business.
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30 mins One Year On
The Hadley Learning Community opened in September 2006. One year on, we return to see how staff and pupils have adapted to their new high-tech environment.
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