Get Physical (Primary)

Dame Kelly Holmes introduces some landmark initiatives to help primary school pupils become more active throughout the day. Learn how other schools have motivated their younger children and which bright ideas are most popular.

There are 10 videos in this series.

15 mins Adults Other Than Teachers
Adults Other Than Teachers can offer a great deal to schools seeking to broaden their provision of high-quality physical education.
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15 mins Primary/Secondary Transition
Three schools show some of the steps they have taken to make the primary/secondary transition in PE a smooth and positive experience.
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15 mins Everyone's Included
Three very different primary schools demonstrate how they set about including all their pupils in PE and school sport.
15 mins The Inspector Calls
In February 2006, John Hellins Primary School near Towcester achieved an outstanding rating by Ofsted following a PE subject inspection.
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15 mins Playing It Safe
In this programme, Broom Leys Primary School in Coalville, Leicestershire, demonstrates how a primary school can maintain high standards in keeping its pupils safe.
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15 mins Taking the Lead
In this programme, we take a look at the benefits of using older students to encourage younger pupils with their physical activity and skills.
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15 mins Healthy Primary School
Julie Bradley became headteacher of St Leonard's Primary School in 2000 and - having noticed a lack of energy in her students - quickly set about trying to improve their vitality and stamina.
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15 mins The 2-Hour/4-Hour Challenge
Willow Brook Primary School in Keyworth, near Nottingham, has gone to great lengths to ensure that all of its pupils are offered a wide range of high-quality physical education and sport.
15 mins Engagement at Key Stage 1
For teachers and pupils at KS1, physical education can be something of an obstacle course. It requires a level of co-ordination, stamina and control that doesn't always come naturally - it's something that has to be learned.
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15 mins Firm Foundations
This programme highlights the work of Tottenhall Infant School in Enfield; a school that recognises the importance of physical education in child development.
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