Global Conflict

Covering global citizenship and geography, this series for KS3/4 students examines conflicts arising over land and precious resources, as well as terrorism and how to tackle it.

There are 5 videos in this series.

5 mins Causes of Conflict
This short video for KS3/4 geography students looks at the causes of conflict around the world, particularly those connected to oil resources.
No Subtitles
5 mins Conflict Over Land
This video contains images of conflict, teachers are advised to watch in full before showing to pupils.
No Subtitles
5 mins Conflict in Sudan
This short video looks at the complex causes behind the conflict in the Sudan, Africa.
No Subtitles
5 mins Terrorism
This short video aimed at KS3/4 geography students looks at terrorism and how this form of conflict differs from war.
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5 mins Tackling Terrorism
Tackling terrorism via counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism methods, are explained in this short video suitable for KS3 and KS4 geography students.
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