Handling The Media

Handling The Media looks at how a selection of schools utilise the media in different situations and for varying purposes, such as recruiting new staff over the radio, employing a press officer for a school's promotion and dealing with tragedies.

There are 3 videos in this series.

15 mins Promoting Your School
A primary school with its own press officer? A secondary which encourages the press to talk to its pupils? In this programme, we explore the pros and cons faced by schools that maintain a proactive relationship with the media.
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15 mins Bad News
How should a school handle bad news? The London Academy in Edgware faced a crisis when a pupil was killed outside its gates. Principal Phil Hearne talks about the lessons from his experience of the media.
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15 mins Recruitment
This programme focuses on two schools that have used the media to target their local community and successfully recruit staff.
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