Hot Management

Brilliant ideas from the frontline - from a website that helps new students in transition from primary to secondary school to a primary school that has reinvented itself as a town.

There are 6 videos in this series.

5 mins Sound Advice
This programme looks at a novel way of helping trainee teachers with valuable feedback using a two-way wireless audio system.
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5 mins Great Literacy Expectations
This programme takes a look at the work that has been done at Charles Dickens Primary School in London to take it out of special measures to become one of the best in the area.
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5 mins Going to Town
This programme takes a look at the town Richard Grever has created at Grange Primary School in Long Eaton to improve learning.
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5 mins Summer Surfing
This programme takes a look at assistant headteacher Katherine Cumberbatch's success at implementing a website to help welcome new pupils.
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5 mins Homework High
Six years ago, homework was completed by less than 20% of the students at Carwarden House and Ofsted had highlighted it as an area for concern. The pupils' ages range from from 8 - 19, and all have learning difficulties.
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5 mins Wheel of Fortune
Cardwell Primary School is in Woolwich Dockyard, with one of the highest levels of social deprivation and poverty in the country.
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