In-School Variation

At look at how other schools are successfully addressing the challenging issue of in-school variation, including helping departments work together and using student feedback to help improvement.

There are 7 videos in this series.

15 mins Between departments, pastoral leaders, student observers
A secondary school shows how pastoral leaders, students observing lessons and co-operation between departments has dramatically improved the problem of in-school variation (ISV).
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15 mins Using data, department collaboration, student feedback
Teachers share how they have successfully tackled in-school variation (ISV) using student feedback, co-operation across department, and by regularly checking the data.
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3 mins Reducing ISV: 5 Key Drivers
Ideas on how to reduce in-school variation from the principal of South Dartmoor Community College.
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3 mins Reducing ISV - Peer Observation
A look at how peer observation has been used to reduce in-school variation (ISV) at two schools.
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3 mins Reducing ISV - Student Voice
A look at how student voice can be used as a key driver for reducing in-school variation (ISV) at secondary level.
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3 mins Reducing ISV - Using Data
A secondary school show how data has played a key role in reducing in-school variation (ISV).
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3 mins Reducing ISV - Leadership
Four high-achieving secondary schools share their views on how leadership can be a key driver in reducing in-school variation (ISV).
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