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See different ways to open up learning for all, including teaching parents ICT skills, and interlinking different curriculum areas under a general theme.

There are 15 videos in this series.

15 mins Laptop Library
Find out about the Laptop Library project, a simple and innovative scheme that puts parents in touch with their child's learning.
15 mins New Ideas in Secondary ICT
Find out how New Line Learning Academy in Kent has implemented an integrated approach to ICT to support its learning programme.
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15 mins New Ideas in Primary ICT
At Clunbury Primary School, Shropshire, ICT doesn't just mean sitting at a computer, but has become an integral part of the work at the school.
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15 mins Interlinked Learning at Frogwell Primary School
See how interlinked learning can be brought to life, from travelling in space to diving into the deep sea, at Frogwell Primary School in Wiltshire.
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15 mins M Teach - A School-Based Masters
A headteacher shows how staff at his school have taken on the challenge of the new Masters in Teaching qualification.
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15 mins Can Background Music Help Learning?
The theory that playing music quietly in the background of lessons can stimulate better concentration is put to the test in a Birmingham secondary school.
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15 mins CPD - The REAL Deal
A look at how the Rochdale Educational and Learning Trust provides a one stop shop for all the CPD needs of the area's schools and services.
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15 mins Digging for History
Find out how an archaeological dig at Carr Manor primary school helps pupils develop historical skills as well as offering cross-curricular opportunities.
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15 mins ECM at Work
A look at the Meaningful Work scheme which has had a positive impact on pupil self-esteem and attitudes to learning at Bulphan Primary School in Upminster.
15 mins Enquiring Minds
A visit to Ashton Park School in Bristol, where we examine the effectiveness of the Enquiring Minds project through the observation of three lessons.
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15 mins Extended School
By 2010, the Government wants to see all schools providing an additional range of extended services. In this programme, we look at an example of such provision already demonstrated by Gospel Oak School in north London.
No Subtitles
15 mins Science Labs of the Future
A look at innovations in the design of school science labs, with particular focus on Project Faraday which has teamed schools with architects and designers to explore how science teaching spaces can be used differently.
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15 mins Scrapping The Timetable at Hook
Hook Primary in Yorkshire, has discarded timetables and bells in favour of a more self-directed and creative approach to the working day, and the results couldn't be better.
15 mins Using ICT to Engage Parents
By insuring every student has access to the internet at home, one school has managed not only to raise attendance but also improve performance and behaviour.
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15 mins The International Primary Curriculum
Headteacher Margaret Goodwin has introduced the International Primary Curriculum to her pupils and parents at Warren Farm Primary in Kingstanding, after discovering many of them hadn't even been to the city centre.
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