Inside Science

A wide-ranging and engaging science series for KS4 pupils, that looks at themes including micro-organisms, solar power and forensic analysis.

There are 7 videos in this series.

15 mins Micro-organisms under the Sea
The story of a mission of discovery aboard an Arctic Ocean research vessel, which is scooping up samples of micro-organisms from the ocean floor, in this video for use in KS4 science lessons.
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15 mins Micro-organisms in Space
An investigation into MELISSA, an artificial eco-system intended for space travel, including discussions with astronauts about the role of micro-organisms in space travel, in this engaging video for KS4 science lessons.
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15 mins The Geological Mappers
Spend a week with the British Geological Survey Team as they navigate sand dunes in order to produce a geological map of the United Arab Emirates, in this easy to understand video for KS4 science.
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15 mins The Challenge of Solar Power
Exploring technologies and concepts which are attempting to use solar energy, as well as some of the political and financial obstacles to their successful adoption, in a video for KS4 science.
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15 mins Chemistry in Forensics
Ideal for KS4 science students, this video looks at two murder investigations and uncovers the chemistry behind the forensic testing that helped resolve the cases.
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15 mins Materials: Spider Silk
An exploration into the properties of silk, a super material found in nature which has presented scientists with a real challenge to synthesize.
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15 mins DIY Nuclear Power Reactor
An accessible and informative overview of the basic science and economics behind building a new nuclear power plant for KS4 science.
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