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International School Leadership

Filmed in partnership with the British Council, these videos tell the story of schools involved in the Connecting Classrooms programme and feature partnerships between headteachers from the UK, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.

There are 10 videos in this series.

15 mins International Partnerships - Enhancing the Curriculum
Headteachers and teachers who have visited schools in Latin America demonstrate how their experiences have invigorated their teaching and learning in secondary and primary schools in the UK.
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15 mins International Partnerships - School Leadership in the UK
Staff from two secondary and two primary schools explain how they've been influenced by visits to Brazil and Mexico.
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15 mins ...in Tacaimbo, Brazil
During his 13 year headship at Escola Jose Leite Barros in north-east Brazil, Antonio Fernando Santos Silva dramatically transformed the school into a successful institution.
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15 mins ...in Recife, Brazil
Headteacher of Escola Maciel Pinheiro in north-east Brazil, Lucia de Sousa Periera, is a strong leader who instills respect in the school despite its situation in a bad neighbourhood.
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15 mins ...in Sao Paulo, Brazil
E. E Caramuru is a secondary school in a suburb of São Paulo, Brazil. The headteacher, Aleixina Vinhola, is dedicated to improving the prospects of her students, some of whom live in the nearby favela.
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15 mins ...in Cordoba, Mexico - Five Standards in One Day
Follow headteacher Maria de la Cruz Galan Raymond through a typical day at her primary school in Cordoba, Mexico, as she implements a new set of standards for school leaders.
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15 mins ... in Xalapa, Mexico - The Five Standards and the School Community
Headteacher Alfonso Tirso Arroyo takes part in a pilot project to develop standards for Mexican school leaders, transforming his own role as headteacher.
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15 mins ...in Cosoleacaque, Mexico - Interpreting the Five Standards
Headteacher Clara Isela Martinez Gomez explores the knowledge and attitude that define school leadership through a pilot scheme at her small primary school in Cosoleacaque, Mexico.
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15 mins City Challenges
Schools in Bradford show how a three project with schools in Peshawar, Pakistan, have helped promote community cohesion.
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15 mins Rural Challenges
Primary schools in rural Hampshire show how international links with schools in South Africa and Kenya have helped build community cohesion.
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