Joined Up Design for Schools

The Sorrell Foundation's initiative to involve pupils in their school's redesign has been massively popular, teaching pupils many skills as well as reinventing their physical surroundings.

There are 6 videos in this series.

10 mins Welcoming Reception Area
This programme looks at how young pupils at the Hythe Community School in Kent briefed the Ben Kelly Design Group to design their new reception area.
10 mins Civilised Lunchtime
This programme follows the pupils of Acland Burghley School in north London as they brief SHH Design to help them transform their dingy canteen into The Hub, a place to eat and socialise.
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10 mins Colour in Our Hall
Designer Kevin McCloud works with a client team of pupils from Beacon Primary School in Cornwall to transform their dull hall into a bright, colourful, multi-purpose space.
10 mins A Place to Chill
Architect Phin Manasseh works with pupils at Mounts Bay School in Cornwall to create an inspirational space with a social purpose but where learning takes place too.
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10 mins Storing Our Stuff
Designer William Warren works with a team of pupils from Brecknock School in north London to solve their storage problems.
10 mins Big Bold Signs
Students in Birmingham work with a design firm to create a multi-lingual signage system reflecting their school's status as a language college.
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