KS3 New Curriculum

KS3 New Curriculum investigates the changes in the curriculum, how schools have revised it to suit their needs and the impact on staff and pupils.

There are 8 videos in this series.

15 mins Making Connections
At Glossopdale Community College in Derbyshire, a revolutionary approach to teaching is being implemented at Key Stage 3.
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15 mins Skills Based Learning
This programme looks at how wholesale reforms of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum are working in practice.
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15 mins A Community Curriculum
By designing their own curriculum, Collegiate High School in Blackpool has responded well to the needs of its pupils.
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15 mins Managing the Change
This programme gives an insight into how changes to the Key Stage 3 curriculum are being managed by school leaders, and how it is impacting on teachers.
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15 mins New Cross-Curriculum Projects
Learn about the ways in which St John's School and Community College in Marlborough has been successfully revolutionising its KS3 curriculum since 2001.
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15 mins A Flexible Timetable
At Whitley Abbey Business and Enterprise College in Coventry, an innovative approach to the KS3 curriculum enables Year 7 pupils to spend the whole morning with just one teacher, covering multiple subjects.
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15 mins A Cross-Curriculum Approach
Hinchley Wood School in Surrey has developed Thinking Smart, a new approach to the Key Stage 3 curriculum based on the RSA's Opening Minds programme.
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15 mins A Personalised Curriculum
Richard Green, executive principal at Waingels College, explains why he wanted to get away from a "one-size fits all" curriculum and develop a fluid, open and personalised approach to learning fit for the 21st century.
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