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Lesson Planning Pack - Media

Get primary pupils inspired by their literacy lessons through using films to help them understand narrative and structure

There are 4 videos in this series.

3 mins Rescued by Rover
A Key Stage 2 English and media lesson starter using archive black and white footage, to help pupils understand structure and narrative.
No Subtitles
3 mins That Fatal Sneeze
Help Key Stage 2 pupils understand structure and narrative with this lesson starter for English and media lessons which uses archive black and white footage.
No Subtitles
4 mins Using Archive Film
A teacher uses archive film in her English and media lessons to explore the structure of narrative, character and setting, and to develop Key Stage 2 pupils' understanding of film language, in this primary lesson idea.
No Subtitles
4 mins Using Film
Three primary teachers share their strategies for using film to support Key Stage 2 literacy, by looking at character, colour, sound, setting and symbolism, in this CPD resource.
No Subtitles

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