Lesson Planning Pack - Problem-solving

Help Key Stage 2 pupils get to grips with problem solving in maths lessons, with this CPD resource, primary lesson idea, and two lesson starters to use in your lesson planning

There are 4 videos in this series.

4 mins Problem-Solving - Number Problems
A CPD resource for Key Stage 2 maths, as a lesson delivered by expert Isaac Anoom is observed and then reviewed.
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4 mins Problem-Solving Language
This great lesson idea on problem-solving for Key Stage 2 maths pupils, uses a sorting activity to illustrate the principle.
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3 mins Problem-Solving - Football Problems
Help Key Stage 2 pupils understand problem solving in maths, by using this lesson starter about a football activity.
No Subtitles
3 mins Problem-Solving - Is It a Bargain?
This fun Key Stage 2 maths lesson starter gets pupils to use their mathematical ability to work out if so called 'special offers' are in fact good deals.
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