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Lesson Planning

A series of lesson plans delivered by experienced teachers, covering English, science, maths and humanities, looks at lesson planning tips, resources and ideas for improvement.

There are 7 videos in this series.

4 mins Planning Different Activities
A teacher plans literacy sessions for Early Years at a primary school, including lively activities in a plan which allows a flexible approach to learning.
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4 mins Odds and Evens
Watch a lively Early Years maths lesson on odds and evens, and reflection on the success of the lesson, in a video full of lesson planning ideas.
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4 mins Working with Resources
Two Year 5 teachers plan and deliver active lessons on science and cultural understanding, concentrating on the resources they will use, in a video containing useful lesson-planning tips.
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4 mins Colonial History
An AST demonstrates the process behind planning and delivering a post GCSE history lesson on Britain's relations with her colonies, and gives advice on planning lessons.
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4 mins Reactive Elements
A Year 10 science lesson on exploring the reactive properties of sodium and potassium is examined in this chemistry video full of ideas to help teachers with their lesson planning.
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4 mins Thinking Skills
Two secondary ASTs demonstrate the planning behind maths lessons for Year 9 and 10 classes, looking at thinking skills and quadratic equations.
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4 mins Decoding and Writing Reviews
Two secondary English teachers plan and deliver lessons on decoding language through studying newspapers, and explain why their lesson plans would appeal to male-dominated classes.
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