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Lessons from Chile

The recent PISA results showed that Chile had made remarkable progress in the teaching of reading. Discover how curriculum changes in Chilean schools have helped transform the approach to teaching reading and literacy skills at both primary and secondary.

There are 6 videos in this series.

8 mins An Overview
The first of six films about Chile's education system and the significant improvements the country has been making in its reading results, this video gives an overview of the changes made over the past two decades.
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6 mins Reading Improvement
Reading specialists explain how a revised curriculum has dramatically improved reading standards and literacy skills at both primary and secondary levels.
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6 mins Primary Curriculum Leadership
Find out how a primary in one of the poorest areas of Chile has dramatically improved its reading results.
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6 mins Primary Reading Practice
A look at how reading is taught in Chile since 2002, when a new primary curriculum placed an emphasis on developing pupils' comprehension skills.
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6 mins Secondary Curriculum Leadership
A school in Chile demonstrates the successful impact of focusing on learning rather than teaching, since the introduction of a revised secondary curriculum
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7 mins Secondary Reading Practice
A secondary teacher in Chile demonstrates his approach to improving literacy skills through active group work and age-appropriate texts, and how he uses drama to promote understanding.
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