Literacy: The Whole Story

Literacy programmes for leaders, teachers and support staff on how to bring the subject alive, from alphabet work and phonics through to spelling strategies, listening and responding and interpreting texts. For early years through to KS3.

There are 16 videos in this series.

15 mins Early Years Foundation Stage Leaders
At Erdington Hall School in Birmingham a newly-appointed headteacher believes that the key to taking her school out of the OFSTED underachieving category is effective foundation stage literacy.
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15 mins Early Years Foundation Stage Teaching and Learning
A look at how Erdington Hall School's foundation stage leader promotes quality play-based experiences in nursery, and how these are built on by two reception teachers.
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15 mins Early Years Foundation Stage Support Staff
At Erdington Hall Primary School planning the nursery and reception pupils' literacy learning is a priority heavily dependent on the support staff.
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15 mins Early Years Foundation Stage Parents
Erdington Hall School values the role of parents as their children's first teachers and aims to get them on side by providing a rich literacy learning environment.
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15 mins KS1 Leaders
An observation of literacy teaching at Malorees Infants School, where 61 per cent of the children learn English as an additional language.
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15 mins KS1 Teachers
An observation of the strong emphasis Malorees Infants School puts on developing speaking and listening skills, alongside reading and writing.
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15 mins KS1 Support Staff
A focus on teaching assistants who are managing intervention programmes to develop listening and speaking, and reading and writing skills.
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15 mins KS1 Parents
A focus on the strong partnership Malorees Infants School has with its pupils' parents.
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15 mins KS2 Leaders
In this programme Glyn Turner, headteacher at Leighton Primary School in Crewe, actively encourages each one of his staff to lead in a particular literacy area.
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15 mins KS2 Teachers
During the last seven years Leighton Primary School has been making some remarkable improvements in literacy by injecting innovative and exciting ideas into lessons.
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15 mins KS2 Support Staff
Reading has been placed at the heart of the literacy agenda at Leighton Primary School, and support staff are seen as key to the development of enthusiastic readers.
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15 mins KS2 Parents
This programme focuses on the benefits Leighton Primary School have found from sharing professional expertise with the pupils' parents.
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15 mins KS3 Leaders
Headteacher Yvonne Powell and her senior leadership team have created a strong literacy strategy at Little Ilford School in East Ham.
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15 mins KS3 Teachers
This programme, which focuses on one child's experience, shows the impact a strong literacy strategy can have on teaching and learning.
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15 mins KS3 Support Staff
This programme looks at the changing roles of TAs and their effect on Little Ilford School's literacy strategy.
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15 mins KS3 Parents
This programme follows several parents and pupils into their homes where we discover their experiences of Little Ilford School.
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