Lost Boys

Twelve troubled teenagers are given an ultimatum: complete the 'Youth to Men' course for young criminals or go to juvenile detention. This inspiring series follows the trials they face and how the tough course turns out to be a lifeline for some.

There are 3 videos in this series.

45 mins Part 1: Differences
Follow 12 teenage boys, all of whom have anti-social and behavioural problems, as they attend the Youth to Men course as an alternative to serving sentences in juvenile detention.
No Subtitles
45 mins Part 2: Challenges
The Youth to Men course continues its attempts to steer young men with behavioural problems away from juvenile detention, and to change their lives for good.
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45 mins Part 3: Changes
In a last attempt to avoid juvenile detention, a group of boys struggle to complete the last six weeks of their "Youth to Men" course.
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