Maths 4 Real

The series offering practical help with major topics in GCSE Maths

There are 4 videos in this series.

15 mins Ratio and Proportion
In the cafeteria, Ben and Katie introduce some simple ideas about ratio. Chef Neil Nugent uses ratios in his recipes. Ben and Katie are called in to test three different versions of Neil's new dip and decide which has the best proportion of garlic. A recipe ...
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15 mins Pythagoras' Theorem
In this programme from Maths 4 Real series 1, Ben is sporting combats as he prepares to plunge down an aerial ropeway for the sake of investigating Pythagoras' famous theorem. Katie looks in detail at the special relationship between the sides of a triangle ...
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15 mins Scatter Graphs
In this programme from the Maths 4 Real 2 series, Jamie and Katie are in London to investigate the effect that learning "the knowledge" has on black-cab drivers.
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15 mins Enlargement
In this GCSE programme from Maths 4 Real 2, presenters Jamie and Katie have some fun with camera trickery to explore the topic of enlargement and different scale factors.
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