Nature Inc

A natural history series for KS4 students that puts an economic price on what nature provides for free, explaining complex issues in an easy to understand way.

There are 6 videos in this series, of which the following 5 are currently available to view online.

22 mins A Fruit and Nut Case
The dependence of crops on bee pollination, and shea trees on fruit bats is examined in a video which puts an economic cost on our use of nature in growing food and developing products.
No Subtitles
22 mins Trees on Tap
This natural history documentary looks at the economic impact of providing a clean water supply in New York, Ecuador and Jordan.
No Subtitles
22 mins Coral Cashpoint
An investigation into the environmental and economic worth of coral reefs around the world, presented in a video suitable for use with KS4 students.
No Subtitles
22 mins Bloom or Bust
A look at the new breed of investors who are making substantial and sustainable profits by making long-term investments in keeping ecosystems healthy.
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22 mins Slippery Slopes
An investigation into the threat of climate change poses to glaciers in the Andes which provide water for drinking, agriculture and electricity.
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