Primary Management

What's new in the world of running a successful primary school? The programmes follow the successes of various establishments considering issues like using assertive discipline, the role of the bursar and much more.

There are 16 videos in this series.

15 mins Challenging Children
Challenging Children examines how Herbert Morrison Primary School in Vauxhall, south London, continually adapts and refines its system of assertive discipline in line with the particular demands of individual classes.
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15 mins Implementing Personalised Learning: Assessment
For the last seven years Bonner Primary school in East London has achieved above the national average in literacy, numeracy and science.
15 mins In the Money: Outside Help
At Gospel Oak School in Camden, north London, headteacher Alan Seymour has a problem. He wants to cover non-contact time for his pupils with a full-time music teacher, but he can't afford it.
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15 mins In the Money: Heads' Top Tips
When there's a school roll to fill, new buildings to be constructed and school trips and resources to provide, it's often difficult for schools to know how best to make their budgets stretch.
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15 mins Involving Parents
Research shows that increasing parental involvement in education has a significant effect on pupil attainment. The initiatives taken by Moulsecoomb Primary School, shown in this programme, offer inspiring examples and strategies to encourage parents to get ...
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15 mins Transactional Analysis
The pupils and staff of Grange Middle School in Harrow use transactional analysis to help to develop emotional literacy and improve behaviour.
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15 mins Discussion Programme: Behaviour
This programme examines the challenges facing behaviour management policy in primary schools, the role of extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards, and discusses how to achieve long-term improvements in children's behaviour.
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15 mins Head to Head
In this programme headteachers Nicky Rosewell and Eileen Ross visit each other's schools to discuss their particular approaches to improving behaviour and promoting understanding between pupils.
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15 mins Creativity in Action
This programme provides a clear definition of what creativity is and looks at who can help to deliver more creative learning. We go into the classroom, looking at "new creativity" and how realistic it is to deliver.
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15 mins The Case for Creativity in School
Building creativity into the primary school classroom is not something that's easy to do, but can pay dividends for the pupils. This programme shows what creativity in the classroom can do for both teachers and pupils.
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15 mins The School Bursar
This programme looks at the issues that can be handled by a bursar or school business manager and considers alternative models, including training for existing staff.
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15 mins Implementing Personalised Learning: Teaching and Learning
For Martin Tune, headteacher at Bonner Primary in East London, it is an ongoing challenge to find strategies to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
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15 mins Attainment and Inclusion: We Can If...
Three years ago, headteacher Maggie Buttress put Highlands Primary School in Redbridge through a radical programme of change, to bridge the attainment gap and broach issues of inclusion. Working with professor Barbara McGilchrist at the Institute of ...
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15 mins Attainment and Inclusion: Lessons Learnt
This programme explores some of the ways headteacher Maggie Buttress and her team have turned Highlands Primary School in Redbridge around.
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15 mins Committed to Community: Ravensbury
Poverty is not just about lack of money. Lack of stimulation, language, and good diet are equally important. Ravensbury Community School, at the heart of an the East Manchester Action Zone, deals with these issues on a daily basis.
15 mins Committed to Community: Cheetham
Managing the day-to-day events of Cheetham Community School keeps headteacher Paul Barnes on his toes. As he believes that a community school should be the hub of the community it serves, the school has an open door policy.
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