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Professional Skills

Professional Skills deals with planning and preparation, independent learning and experimenting with classroom layout and see the results the schools have.

There are 5 videos in this series.

15 mins Lesson Planning
Catherine McCrory, head of history at Sweyne Park School, talks through her plans for dealing with the unknown skill levels of pupils in her new Year 7 history class.
No Subtitles
15 mins Planning with Pupils
Explore an innovative approach to lesson planning, where mixed ability maths and science pupils plan and deliver parts of their lessons, providing benefits not only for themselves but for teachers too.
No Subtitles
15 mins Independent Learners: A Classroom Approach - Primary
Feeling that the National Curriculum had become a bit stale, headteacher Val Sian decided to pursue some radical ideas for independent learning.
No Subtitles
15 mins Independent Learners: A Whole School Approach
A look at the experiences of Kippax Greenfield Primary School, near Leeds, where teachers allow the pupils to encourage and shape the way they learn.
No Subtitles
30 mins Positive Learning Environment - Primary
This programme examines a new thinking in classroom layout which challenges conventional wisdom on the use of displays, colours and lighting.
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