Progression in Primary Maths

An exploration into primary maths skills and methods, demonstrating good practice across the curriculum.

There are 8 videos in this series.

15 mins Maths across the School Day
This programme takes a day-in-the-life look beyond the classroom at maths planning and development at Great Barr Primary School, in Birmingham.
15 mins Managing the Process
This programme looks at how Great Barr Primary School's skills-based curriculum and advanced tracking system for pupil progress has impacted on maths standards in both foundation stage and KS1.
15 mins Teaching and Learning Key Stage One
At Great Barr Primary School, in Birmingham, independent enquiry-based learning has been at the heart of children's learning throughout the Early Years foundation stage.
15 mins Teaching and Learning - Early Years Foundation Stage
This programme looks at how maths learning for both nursery and reception children at Great Barr Primary School, in Birmingham, is supported by careful observation and planning by practitioners.
15 mins Year 3 - All about Numbers
The headteacher of Eleanor Palmer Primary School outlines her role in maintaining standards in the school, as the programme focuses on a maths classroom observation and feedback session.
15 mins Year 4 - Observing a Lesson on Times Tables
A solid grasp of times tables is the key for Year 4 pupils at Eleanor Palmer Primary School in north London, while the staff get to grips with renewed framework.
15 mins Year 5 - Problem Solving and Building Confidence
Headteacher and maths coordinator Kate Frood puts Year 5 pupils through an intense session of number-based problem solving to develop their confidence in using the mathematical knowledge.
15 mins Year 6 - A Lesson in Subtraction as a Confidence Builder
Security and confidence with mathematical knowledge is the key in Year 6 at Eleanor Palmer Primary School, as the class teacher consolidates her pupils' understanding with different methods of subtraction.

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