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Proven to Work

Tried and tested methods to aid learning, backed by research from the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education

There are 10 videos in this series.

3 mins Hand Gestures
Hand gestures are used to emphasise maths symbols and aid pupil learning during a KS2 maths lesson.
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3 mins Posters
Creating a poster helps a primary class find the solution to a maths problem.
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3 mins Gaze Aversion
KS1 pupils are encouraged to use gaze aversion, a technique which is proven to aid concentration when thinking through a problem or puzzle.
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4 mins Collaborative Enquiry
A KS2 class in mixed-ability groups shows how collaborate enquiry can be used to help sharpen thinking and stimulate imagination.
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3 mins Specific Praise
The power of praise when applied to pupils' strategies is investigated during a primary maths class.
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4 mins Independent Group Work
An assessment for learning technique is highlighted which is suitable to benefit any key stage.
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4 mins Detective Work
A demonstration on how to encourage thinking skills for any keystage, highlighted through a history investigation.
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4 mins Structured Groups
A lesson in collaboration demonstrates the use of peer assessment, which can be applied to any keystage.
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3 mins Self Assessment and Peer Support
A demonstration of effective examples of assessment for learning, which are of relevance to learning at any key stage.
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4 mins Incremental Learning: 'Snowball' Techniques
Examples of tackling subjects and concepts that pupils find difficult to understand are explained in this video suitable for Key Stage 2 and upwards.
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