Rosen's Poetry Attic

Michael Rosen introduces the five key elements of poetry - rhyme, rhythm, imagery, sound and wordplay - in an engaging and visual way, suitable for KS2 and KS3 pupils.

There are 5 videos in this series.

10 mins Rhyme Time
Michael Rosen looks at how rhyming is used in poetry, using his own work as well as that of other well known poets such as Shelley and Lord Alfred Douglas, as examples.
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10 mins Rhythm Section
In this episode Michael Rosen looks at how rhythm is used to different effect in an assortment of poems.
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10 mins Word Paintings
Poems frequently use imagery to describe places and feelings, here Michael Rosen look at how other poets have accomplished this.
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10 mins Sound Effects
Devices which create sounds through words are explored by poet Michael Rosen.
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10 mins Word Plays
Michael Rosen looks at several poets who have successfully created poems through experimenting with word play, making up new words and playing with punctuation and sentence structure.
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