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School Dilemmas

School Dilemmas is a community resource focusing on commonly experienced issues for educators, offering advice, knowledge and good practice tips.

There are 6 videos in this series.

4 mins Hothousing Gifted Pupils
In this professional development video, a secondary teacher wonders whether to discourage a student who appears to be working too hard, and resist putting him into a much earlier GCSE exam.
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4 mins When Professionals Disagree - NQT Versus Mentor
Based on a true story this CPD video recreates a scenario in which the relationship between an NQT and mentor deteriorates as they both find it difficult to adjust to their roles.
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4 mins Can Christmas be Inclusive?
Based on a real account, this CPD video presents the dilemma of whether a primary school should put on a secular pantomime instead of a traditional nativity play, to promote inclusion.
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4 mins Behaviour Breakdown - Punishing the Whole Class
A CPD video showing a dramatic reconstruction of a Year 5 teacher's reaction when one of her pupils reports a theft.
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4 mins Behaviour Breakdown - Teachers Versus TA
What should teachers and TAs do if their working relationship breaks down over the management of classroom behaviour? Use this CPD video to discuss what each should do, in this dramatisation of a real life situation.
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4 mins School Dilemmas - Behaviour Breakdown - Knife Nightmare
A professional development video, using a drama involving a student stealing a knife, to initiate questions and discussion.
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