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School Improvement

A look at the ways in which a selection of schools have made significant improvements, from refurbishments to a change in ethos.

There are 16 videos in this series.

15 mins Succeeding Against the Odds - Robert Clack School
A headteacher outlines the steps he took to transform a failing secondary into an outstanding school, in this video for school leaders and headteachers.
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15 mins Succeeding Against the Odds - Rushey Mead School
A secondary school rated as outstanding by Ofsted, despite being located in a deprived area, shares the strategies which it believes has lead to this success, in this video for school leaders.
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5 mins Public Relations
Find out how to make the most of school events as an opportunity to sell your school to parents and the local community, using advice for both primary and secondary schools from public relations expert Richard Merrin.
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15 mins Improving Schools - Primary - Extra Mile
Two primary schools have achieved higher standards in attainment and behaviour, as a result of the Extra Mile project.
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15 mins Improving Secondary Schools - Extra Mile: Secondary
Launched in 2008, the Extra Mile project, has made good progress in two secondary schools with pupils from low income families.
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15 mins Mossbourne Community Academy
The principal of Mossbourne Community Academy shows how the school has achieved impressive GCSE results and Value Added scores, despite being in one of the most socially and economically deprived parts of the UK.
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15 mins Tollgate Primary
Tom Canning, headteacher at Tollgate Primary School in east London, describes how he and his team turned around a crisis of parental confidence and a diminishing school role to create a truly vibrant school.
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15 mins Evelyn Primary
Evelyn Community Primary School in Prescot has focussed on pupil and staff as much as curriculum development as part of their improvement strategy.
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15 mins Morpeth Secondary
Building a positive mentality and raising aspirations have been at the heart of the improvement of Morpeth School in east London.
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15 mins Mountfitchet College
How did Mountfitchet Mathematics and Computing College become the most improved school in 2006 after being branded "a concern" in 2002?
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15 mins Succeeding Against the Odds: Middleton Technology School
Why do some schools excel where others struggle? Middleton Technology School in Rochdale, serving one of the country's poorest communities, shares the secrets behind its outstanding Ofsted rating.
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15 mins Succeeding Against the Odds: Wood Green High School
Staff, pupils, and parents at Wood Green High School talk about what they believe has made the school a success despite its location despite its challenging circumstances.
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6 mins A Perfect Ofsted
A secondary school shares how it achieved the top grade in every category of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.
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7 mins Vertical Tutoring
An assistant headteacher shares her experience of implementing vertical tutoring - where form groups contain students from different year groups.
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8 mins SMART Targets for Pupil Reviews
Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College in Suffolk, demonstrates how it works with students and parents to set targets for pupil progress.
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7 mins Maintaining Staff Wellbeing Under Pressure
A look at how staff wellbeing at a secondary school has been affected by a change to Academy status and being a National Challenge school, and the initiatives in place to support school morale.
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