School Stories

Stories, strategies and inspiring examples from schools found around the world, from teacher training in Sweden, preparing students for university in Turkey, to a private school in Switzerland, and much more.

There are 19 videos in this series, of which the following 17 are currently available to view online.

30 mins Colegios Monaita y Mulhacen in Granada, Spain
In the private schools Mulhacen and Monaita in Granada, boys and girls are still taught separately, unlike in the mixed public schools in Spain, where co-education has been compulsory since the late 1980s.
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30 mins College Georges Melies in Paris, France
College Georges Melies, a school in the north of Paris caters for children of immigrant families.
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30 mins Collegio de Merode in Rome, Italy
The Collegio de Merode in Rome, Italy, strives to make its pupils become responsible citizens with a religious mindset; a popular educational motto among the Roman middle classes.
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30 mins Dalgard Skole in Trondheim, Norway
Discover how one school in Norway has successfully managed to integrate disabled students into its learning environment.
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30 mins De Ruimte School in Soest, Netherlands
With no lessons in the traditional sense, no classrooms and no desks, De Ruimte in Soest, Holland believes that children should be the ones to decide what, how and when they want to learn.
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30 mins Dobri Hristov in Varna, Bulgaria
A look at how one secondary school in Bulgaria has opted to nurture its students' musical talents by prioritising intensive musical tuition over the rest of the curriculum.
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30 mins KAIFU in Hamburg - a German grammar school
A day in the life of the KAIFU school in Hamburg, where teachers spend much of their day trying to establish order in their over-expressive classes.
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30 mins Le Rosey on Lake Geneva, Switzerland
With a sophisticated bilingual academic programme and a campus set on 28 hectares of manicured gardens, Le Rosey school at Lake Geneva in Switzerland is one of the world's most exclusive schools.
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30 mins Lise in Izmit, Turkey
Follow the ambitious pupils at Izmit Lisesi, an ordinary Turkish school where crowded classrooms and inadequate facilities are an everyday reality, but where the students still dream of of a place at university.
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30 mins Malherbe Lycee in Caen, France
Follow pupils at Malherbe Lycee in Caen, France, as they prepare for the high demands of their final exams and the impact it will have on their future careers.
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30 mins Osbecksgymnasiet in Laholm, Sweden
Find out what makes Scandinavian schools so successful, as we take a trip to an ordinary Swedish comprehensive.
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30 mins Szkol Ekonomicznych in Brzeg, Poland
Pupils at Szkol Ekonomicznych in Brzeg, Poland, are opening up a school shop at their own expense, selling sell soft drinks, snacks and writing materials.
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30 mins The Free Waldorf School in Berlin, Germany
The Free Waldorf School in Berlin Kreuzberg follows the Rudolph Steiner philosophy of education, believing students should learn in a supportive atmosphere, and that teamwork is the key to a stable classroom environment.
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30 mins The German-Polish Grammar School in Locknitz, Germany
In the German-Polish grammar school in Locknitz in Germany pupils from the neighbouring countries have begun to study together for their mutual benefit.
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30 mins The United World College of the Adriatic in Trieste, Italy
Experience life at the extraordinary United World College of the Adriatic in Italy, as we follow two pupils through a typical day at the school.
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30 mins Viikin Normaalikoulu in Helsinki, Finland
In Finland theory is not dry, it is put to the test in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of school life.
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30 mins Weydon School in Farnham, England
Lynne Jackson is not a typical headteacher. With an enterprise which generates an annual turnover of more than £4 million, she is more like a business manager than a headteacher.
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