School Year

An event-based series that follows different schools as they move through the year. A trip abroad, a careers advice fair, plays a-plenty, parents' evenings - each school has a different approach and much to share.

There are 6 videos in this series.

5 mins Guided Choices Evening
This programme looks at a guided choices evening at Perry Beeches School, Birmingham, where teachers inform students about the range of courses available during KS4.
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5 mins School Production
Perry Beeches School, Birmingham, show how to deliver a high quality production and how there is a great pay-off in terms of teamwork and morale.
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5 mins School Trip
This programme focuses on Denbigh High School, in Luton, as they prepare for a school trip to Barcelona.
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5 mins Parents' Evening
A focus on the organisation needed for parents' evening at Denbigh High School, in Luton, where 80 per cent of pupils' families use English as a second language.
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5 mins Sports Day
This programme takes a look at what the staff at Woodlands School in Coventry think about their annual sports day.
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25 mins Compilation
This programme brings together highlights from the School Year series, taking a look at events that take place over the course of the academic year.
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