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Secondary Study Skills

Get tips and advice on developing study skills in secondary students in a series covering getting the best out of homework, online research, independent learning and effective and fun revision sessions.

There are 7 videos in this series.

4 mins Long-term Revision - Geography Revision Club
How a school's breakfast club for Year 10 geography students at Key Stage 4 produces great results.
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4 mins Maths Revision Club
A maths revision club held during half term holidays for GCSE Year 11 students, at Key Stage 4, helps boost students' confidence in approaching their revision and exams.
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4 mins Motivation and Reward
Find out how a successful head of ICT motivates and rewards his Key Stage 3 and 4 students, through creating compelling and fun projects, in this advice-filled video on developing study skills in secondary students.
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4 mins Inclusive Online Homework
Find out how one secondary school is working to make online homework as inclusive as possible, in this advice-filled video on developing study skills in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.
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4 mins Independent Learning in English - Romeo and Juliet
A secondary English teacher shows how she brings her subject to life with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, for Key Stage 3 and 4 students, with advice on encouraging independent learning in students.
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4 mins Teaching Traditional Research Skills in Science
This video highlights the importance of teaching practical research skills to Key Stage 4 science pupils.
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4 mins Enquiry Skills
Encouraging working independently from Year 7 onwards can lead to effective enquiry skills, for Key Stage 4 humanities students.
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