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Sharing Your Great Practice

Presented by Charlotte Hume of Teachers TV News, Sharing Your Great Practice is a weekly competition that searches out the best of what's happening in schools across the country.

There are 17 videos in this series.

5 mins Learning Languages Through Sharing Resources
Teachers demonstrate how they have encouraged learning in MFL, through various means including the creation of a website, showing ideas that can be easily transfered to other schools.
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5 mins Sustainability in Schools
A secondary school demonstrates how they bring environmental issues and sustainability to life through cross-curricular teaching.
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5 mins Beat Bullying Throughout the School
A headteacher, who faced the challenge of taking in pupils from a nearby closed school, talks about how new pupils were welcomed in and anti-bullying methods were improved to create a smooth transition for all.
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5 mins Engaging pupils learning EAL
A primary school demonstrates how it has supported pupils and teachers during an influx of EAL pupils from minority ethnic backgrounds.
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5 mins Creative Literacy in the Classroom
A school reduces the number of Key Stage 3 lessons per week, by teaching up to six subjects in a cross-curriculum lesson, under the heading 'Creative Literacy'.
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5 mins Healthy Living Throughout the Curriculum
A primary and nursery school demonstrates how it encourages healthy eating amongst pupils, staff and parents.
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5 mins Creating a Festive Newspaper
Discover how a small primary school with just 22 children has developed pupils' ICT and literacy skills across the curriculum by creating a Christmas community newspaper.
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5 mins Finding Time for STEM
A Year 8 class build model gliders as part of a KS3 cross-curricular STEM project, exploring the science and engineering behind flight.
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5 mins Science in Your Local Area
Discover how a science teacher took inspiration from his city's heritage to devise a scheme of work for Year 8 students.
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5 mins Wheelchair Dancing
Wheelchair users at the Lancasterian School in Manchester have embraced wheelchair dancing and discovered it can benefit pupils across the school in all aspects of their learning.
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5 mins Debating in the Name of History
Teacher Hannah Dalton has devised a way of successfully raising the attainment levels of lower ability pupils at Key Stage 3.
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5 mins Maths in Nature
Key Stage 2 pupils at Barming Primary School study birds' eating habits, turning their findings into graphs and charts.
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5 mins Pupil Led Learning
See how the students at one secondary school have devised a science project based on their own interest in extensive and intensive farming techniques.
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5 mins Creative Writing Outside the Classroom
Discover how a secondary school uses exciting new experiences outside the classroom as inspiration for creative writing at Key Stage 3.
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5 mins 3D Maps, Coordinates and Bingo
Discover how a secondary school has developed Key Stage 3 pupils' map skills in geography with the use of bingo and 3D models.
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5 mins Managing Behaviour at Lunchtime
Discover how a primary school tackled the poor behaviour of Key Stage 2 pupils at breaktimes by reorganising the dining hall and revitalising playground activities.
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5 mins Using Video to Improve Literacy
Ambleside Primary School in Nottingham demonstrate how they have engaged with parents and pupils by using video to improve speaking and listening skills.
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