Staffroom Monologues

This series of short plays based on winning scripts from the 2008 competition run by Teachers TV, in association with the National Union of Teachers, offers an alternate view of life in an educational environment, written by those who work within it.

There are 9 videos in this series.

15 mins The Road Ahead
In The Road Ahead, written by headteacher Oliver Blond, Gillian Bevan movingly portrays a teacher who blows £30,000 on a new car.
15 mins Locked Stockroom and Two Smoking Gerbils
In Locked Stockroom and Two Smoking Gerbils, written by supply teacher Steve Eddison, Bill Paterson plays an executive headteacher who finds himself locked in a music stockroom.
15 mins What Would the Buddha have Done?
In What Would the Buddha Have Done?, written by teacher Susie Paskins, Sophie Stanton portrays an RE teacher waiting to meet her headteacher to explain her lesson on Buddhism, while being observed by Mr Briefcase.
15 mins Eating Apricots
Written by teacher Janet Spooner, Eating Apricots follows a teacher on the brink of retirement, played by Marian McLoughlin.
9 mins Old School
Old School stars Jim Carter as a teacher who wants his pupils to aim for the stars, but will the headteacher make him revise his high targets?
No Subtitles
15 mins Always the Teacher Never the Bride
Tamsin Greig stars as a primary school teacher on the eve of her wedding, wondering whether she is spending too much time thinking about her pupils, and not enough time thinking about her groom.
15 mins How are You?
Riz Ahmed plays a young primary school teacher sinking under the pressure of work and struggling to keep his emotions in check in How Are You, one of the winners of the 2008 Staffroom Monologues competition.
15 mins Measure of Love
Measure of Love sees an English teacher struggling to do the right thing for a pupil with a crush on her. Should she take matters into her own hands, or report the situation to the union rep?
9 mins Miss Kilmister and Me
Staffroom Monologue Miss Kilmister and Me tells the comic tale of why a voluntary helper has discovered a sudden passion for education.
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