Succeed at Interview

Teachers aiming for promotion get expert advice from coaches who share a range of strategies to help them secure their next job.

There are 6 videos in this series.

30 mins Becoming a Middle Leader
Watch expert advice and coaching on the skills needed for successful job interviews, in a professional development resource following two teachers who have applied for promotion.
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30 mins Becoming a Senior Leader
Gain insights into professional and personal development as two teachers going for senior leadership positions get expert coaching and interview strategies to improve their interview performance, in this careers video for teachers.
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4 mins Selling Yourself
Discover the advice that headteachers and careers experts offer for what to do when facing an interview panel.
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3 mins Managing Nerves
Gain expert advice on overcoming interview nerves and presenting personal and professional skills in a confident manner.
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4 mins Answering Questions
Learn professional and personal development techniques with this easy-to-use advice on answering interview questions with confidence, for primary and secondary teachers.
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5 mins Teaching an Observed Lesson
Develop the skills needed to teach a successful observed interview lesson, with advice from a panel of experts in this careers video for primary and secondary teachers and NQTs.
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