Sustainability in California

What can be learned from the eco initiatives going on in California? Includes a look at Google's headquarters, San Diego Zoo, and a more positive attitude towards transport.

There are 4 videos in this series.

15 mins Buildings
This programme focuses on the different ways of making sustainable buildings for the future in California.
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15 mins Energy and Recycling
This programme highlights two of the outstanding sustainability initiatives from California, which is pushing towards a greener future.
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15 mins Bio-diversity
California is working hard to sustain the range of beautiful and unique animal life within its borders, and San Diego Zoo is at the forefront of these efforts.
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15 mins Surf and the Simpsons
California is one of the top surf locations in the world and also home to Universal Studios. This programme focuses on the protection of the coastline and Universals Studios' initiatives to become environmentally friendly.
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