Teacher Educators

Teacher Educators looks at ways of improving inclusion methods that benefit schools, through additional staff training, and also nurturing relationships between new teachers, mentors and universities.

There are 6 videos in this series.

5 mins Effective Inclusion - Teachers with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities
A profoundly deaf teacher talks about the value of being a good role model to SEN children and her work at a mainstream primary school.
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5 mins Effective Inclusion - Additional Training for TAs
A teaching assistant uses her foundation degree to help a KS2 teacher use an innovative lesson approach, especially effective for children with SEN.
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5 mins Effective Inclusion - Bringing Special School Experience into the Mainstream Classroom
An NQT, who spent time at a school for children with moderate learning difficulties, brings her newly acquired inclusion skills into the mainstream primary classroom.
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5 mins Relationships for Learning - Effective Feedback
A trainee teacher is given advice and feedback using a video analysis of his lesson by his mentor.
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5 mins Relationships for Learning - University and NQT
A university offers its NQTs continued support after they have qualified, with advice from tutors on issues or worries they may have concerning teaching.
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5 mins Relationships for Learning - The Mentoring Process
One school demonstrates how to improve mentoring by linking a teacher's performance management and their professional development to the mentor, in order to raise standards.
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