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The Big Debate

A series of lively debates on the subjects that get everybody a bit heated. Can you teach Britishness? Is the curriculum up to the job? What's the best form of assessment? Find out what teachers and experts think.

There are 20 videos in this series, of which the following 17 are currently available to view online.

60 mins Where to Spend? Where to Cut?
What does the comprehensive spending review mean for education? A panel of experts and the Teachers TV audience debate what the spending review will mean for schools and staff, in a live, online, interactive debate.
No Subtitles
45 mins Where Next for Primary Assessment?
Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a debate on primary SATs, with alternative methods of assessment discussed and a studio audience voting on what they think is the best form of primary assessment.
No Subtitles
45 mins Teaching History
Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents a lively debate pitting a progressive model of teaching history against a traditional approach.
No Subtitles
60 mins Inclusion
Is Baroness Warnock right? The original architect of the inclusion policy comes face-to-face with a panel of experts, including former Ofsted chief, Chris Woodhead, and equality campaigners on the future of inclusion.
No Subtitles
45 mins Britishness
Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents a lively debate about what being British means, and the role of schools in teaching Britishness.
No Subtitles
45 mins Is the Curriculum Fit for the 21st Century?
Should the curriculum teach a foundation of knowledge, or simply provide analytical skills? Krishnan Guru-Murthy explores the issue with a panel of experts.
No Subtitles
60 mins Behaviour
Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a timely debate about behaviour in our schools. The programme is part of Teachers TV's Behaviour Matters week.
No Subtitles
45 mins Playing It Too Safe?
Is an unwillingness to expose children to risk turning out adults lacking the entrepreneurial skills to manage risk and to cope with failure?
No Subtitles
60 mins Choice vs Selection
In this hour-long debate, Jonathan Dimbleby and his panel of experts explore the topics of selection, schools admissions and parental choice.
No Subtitles
60 mins Sex in the Classroom
Jonathon Dimbleby leads a debate asking why Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe, and how the government will fulfill their pledge to cut pregnancies in half by 2010.
No Subtitles
60 mins Too Much Too Young?
English children are some of the most highly educated in the world, but is the cost of such academic achievement too high?
No Subtitles
60 mins Testing and Assessment
At the age of eleven, England's schoolchildren are among the most literate and numerate in the world. By sixteen, many quit education, disillusioned and under-prepared for adult life.
No Subtitles
60 mins Was Tomlinson Right?
Jonathan Dimbleby hosts a panel-led studio debate on the raising of the school leaving age and asks whether Mike Tomlinson's 2004 suggestions for school reform have turned out to be right after all.
No Subtitles
60 mins The Poverty Gap
Despite all best efforts, Britain continues to have one of the greatest class divides in education in the industrialised world.
No Subtitles
60 mins Religion in Schools
Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of experts come together to debate the controversial subject of religion in Britain's schools.
No Subtitles
45 mins Academies
Jonathan Dimbleby brings together an authoritative panel before a studio audience of parents, teachers and pupils to debate the Government's controversial academies programme.
No Subtitles
45 mins Parents
Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents a lively debate to discuss to what extent parents should be involved in schools.
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