The Teachers TV ITE Lectures

Lectures for trainee teachers, most of which are suitable for primary or secondary phases, which explore the challenges ahead. Find out what creative teaching really involves, how to inspire a true love of language and reading and much more.

There are 14 videos in this series.

45 mins Excellence and Equity - University of Manchester
Professor Mel Ainscow explores the issues around exclusion and what can be done to support pupils at risk of exclusion, in a practical PGCE lecture for trainee teachers.
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45 mins Pedagogy
See a teaching expert analyse pedagogy, as Joy Jarvis, principal lecturer in education at the University of Hertfordshire, gives a lecture to her PGCE students.
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45 mins Creative Teaching
How to be an effective creative teacher is the focus of this pedagogy lecture to primary PGCE students, by Sally Graham, senior lecturer in education at the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire.
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45 mins Early Reading – The Simple View of Reading
This PGCE lecture aims to tell trainee teachers more about key aspects of primary English and the two dimensions of the Simple View of Reading, in a talk given by Julie Bowtell from the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire.
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45 mins What Kind of Teacher Will You Be?
Learn how to develop your identity as a teacher, what influences you and how you make decisions - with this professional development lecture for trainee teachers.
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45 mins English as an Additional Language
Watch a practical lecture for trainee teachers on teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL), identifying the needs of EAL pupils and helping them overcome the barriers to learning which they face.
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45 mins Inclusive Physical Education
How trainee teachers can include all children in physical education (PE) is the focus of this practical pedagogy lecture by Nalda Wainwright, senior lecturer at Trinity University College.
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45 mins Reflecting on Outstanding Teaching
What makes an outstanding teacher is the subject of pedagogy this lecture to final-year trainee teachers, by Russell Grigg, quality assurance officer at Trinity University College
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45 mins Problem-Based Learning
This practical pedagogy lecture to final-year trainee teachers highlights how problem-based learning can help classroom management. Russell Grigg, quality assurance officer at Trinity University College in Carmarthen, speaks.
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45 mins Classroom Management
Learn about classroom management and behaviour, in this lecture for trainee teachers and newly qualified teachers (NQTs), with practical advice and techniques offered by Terry Haydn.
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45 mins Social Constructivism and Open Source Software
Social constructivism and open source software are discussed in this lecture to primary trainee teachers with an IT specialism. Miles Berry delivers the talk.
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45 mins Investigating Practice in Primary PE
Trainee teachers with a primary physical education (PE) specialism are asked to devise practical solutions to differentiating teaching, in this interactive lecture with Dom Haydn-Davies.
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45 mins Learning for a Small Planet
This lecture on communities of practice, is delivered for trainee teachers by Professor Etienne Wenger, a leading expert on the subject.
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45 mins Developments in 14-19 - Institute of Education
The options open to students post-14 and the overall concepts of 14-19 diplomas are the topics of Dr Lynne Rogers' lecture to trainee teachers, as she discusses development in 14-19 education.
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