Using Museums

Whether making trips out to local museums or having them come to you (The Museum in Transit project brings the experience to the school, for example) there are more benefits to this kind of interaction than first appears.

There are 7 videos in this series.

15 mins The Big Pit
The Big Pit mining museum in Blaenafon, Wales is one of only three deep mines in Europe open to the public.
15 mins Roman Dig
Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in South Shields is built alongside the remains of a former roman military base which supplied 17 forts along the length of Hadrian's Wall.
15 mins Kip in the Ship
HMS Belfast is a branch of the Imperial War Museum. "Kip in a ship" is a citizenship-based residential visit, which gives school groups the chance to sleep overnight on board HMS Belfast in the original crew mess decks.
15 mins Ancient Worlds
In this programme Year 7 pupils are treated to a visit to the World Museum in Liverpool as an introduction to Key Stage 3 history.
15 mins Creepy Crawlies
Rodmell primary school in Lewes is preparing for a dance performance based on animal movements at a local show. To help the children make their costumes and movements more authentic teacher Leanne Stevenson books two sessions at the Natural History Museum ...
15 mins In Your School
The Museum in Transit (MIT) is an outreach project funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council's 'Renaissance in the Regions' project.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Holocaust Exhibition
In this programme, Year 9 students from Aylesford School in Warwick visit the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

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