Weird Science

Short videos examining some of the odder aspects of science, using fun experiments to show the scientific causes behind some of the mysteries of our planet and our bodies.

There are 12 videos in this series.

5 mins Gorillas in Our Midst?
A simple scientific experiment highlights the limitations of the human eye.
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5 mins Which Way Down the Plughole?
A scientific experiment testing whether the Earth's rotation affects the direction in which water swirls down a plughole.
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5 mins All Spun Out
Fun science experiments investigating our sense of balance, and showing the science behind our movements.
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5 mins The Rain Relay
An experiment answers the question of whether you stay drier walking or running in the rain, in this short video for use in secondary science lessons.
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5 mins Learning to See
This fun science experiment, for use in secondary lessons, shows just how much we rely on our sight to co-ordinate our bodies.
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5 mins Jam Side Down
A short video showing a fun science experiment which explains the physics behind why toast usually lands buttered-side down on the floor.
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5 mins Under the Influence
This entertaining science video looks at the impact alcohol has on the human body, and how it affects co-ordination.
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5 mins Fan-tastic
The science behind how a fan keeps you cool on a hot day is examined in this fun video for use with secondary students.
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5 mins The Soundtrack to Our Dreams
What happens to our hearing when we are asleep is investigated in this fun science video.
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5 mins Shower Curtains
This entertaining science video, designed to be used in lessons, explains the science behind the mystery of a clingy shower curtain.
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5 mins Gridlock
This entertaining science video, for use in secondary lessons, explains the mystery of why it seems as if you always pick the slowest queue in a traffic jam.
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5 mins The Power of the Face
The importance of facial recognition to humans is revealed in this entertaining science investigation, for use in secondary lessons.
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