Women on the Front Line

This hard-hitting series looks at the abuse suffered by women across the world and aims to highlight the problems faced. From honour killings, rape and sex trafficking, we meet some of the brave women who have survived against the odds.

There are 6 videos in this series.

25 mins Turkey: Killing in the Name of Honour
An investigation into why women in Turkey, are being forced into suicide in an attempt to cover up "honour" killings.
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25 mins Nepal: A Narrow Escape
A look at the story of Sushma, who was sold into sexual slavery from a small Nepalese village after she was abandoned by her husband.
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25 mins Morocco: Never Again
The role women played in fighting for human rights during the 1970s and 1980s in Morocco is explored.
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25 mins Austria: Showing the Red Card
An Austrian law which can eject men from their own homes if they abuse their wives or partners is examined.
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25 mins Mauritania: A Question of Rape
An exploration of the law in Mauritania, where rape is undefined and to make the accusation runs the risk of the woman being imprisoned.
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25 mins Colombia: Justice in the Region of Death
The work of a female judge in Columbia, South America, who deals with sex abuse cases is examined.
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