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Share clever ways to begin the educational journey, ideas to aid literacy and communication, and help pupils understand and relate to communities.

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5 mins Planning a School Trip
Part of the series Tips from the Top
Dos and donts when it comes to planning a school trip
5 mins Parent Participation
Part of the series Early Reading
Involving parents in teaching phonics at reception and Year 1
5 mins Applying a Systematic Phonics Scheme
Part of the series Early Reading
A phonics programme for EAL children at primary school
5 mins Mixed Ability in Year 2
Part of the series Early Reading
Improving literacy levels using phonics and writing activities
5 mins A Home-Grown Phonics Programme
Part of the series Early Reading
Developing a phonics and reading strategy at a primary in Brixton
5 mins Learning from Europe (Gunilla Dahlberg)
Part of the series EYFS Professional Knowledge
Educators discuss how EYFS is approached in Europe

Most watched

30 mins Positive Learning Environment - Primary
Part of the series Professional Skills
Can classroom layout affect speaking and listening skills?
30 mins Sweden - Early Years
Part of the series How Do They Do It In...?
Find out why Sweden's Early Years education is so successful
15 mins Learning and Development
Part of the series EYFS Today
A case study on the benefits of learning through play in EYFS
15 mins Play to Learn
Part of the series Early Years Workshop
A look at how children can learn through play
15 mins Early Years - Role Play - Setting Up and Planning
Sheila Sage explores setting up a role play area
15 mins Early Years Foundation Stage
Part of the series Need to Know
An insight into the new Early Years Foundation Stage framework