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Subjects (primary)

This is the place to find practical help in your area, get lesson planning ideas, refresh your teaching methods and get inspired - whatever subject you're teaching.


5 mins Parent Participation
Part of the series Early Reading
Involving parents in teaching phonics at reception and Year 1
3 mins 3, 2, 1 Go! Britain's Olympic Games
Part of the series Learning From the News
The Olympic velodrome is used as inspiration for KS2 poetry


4 mins Key Skills Intervention
Part of the series Boost Your Teaching
Sessions help primary pupils keep up with literacy and numeracy
3 mins Hero Dogs
Part of the series Learning From the News
Find out about the brave work of police dogs


3 mins Is Photography at the Nativity Allowed?
Part of the series Learning From the News
Data protection issues involved in photographing nativity plays
5 mins Creating a Festive Newspaper
Part of the series Sharing Your Great Practice
A festive approach to cross curriculum ICT and literacy


3 mins Learning From the News - Pumpkins
Part of the series Learning From the News
A KS1 resource on the different uses for Halloween pumpkins
3 mins Theatre Lights
Part of the series Primary Lesson Starters
Looking at the effects of light in a KS2 science lesson starter