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Subjects > Maths (primary)

From algebra to polygons - and everything in between - explore ways to get the message across and bring maths to life with lesson plans and video resources.

Handling data

15 mins Primary Maths
Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)
Perfect Pairs and CensusAtSchool for primary maths
3 mins 150 Years of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
Part of the series Learning From the News
A KS2 maths resource about handling data

Shape, space and measures

15 mins Shape and Space
Part of the series Great Primary Lesson Ideas
Three shapes-and-space activities for KS1 and KS2 maths
3 mins Hidden Treasure
Part of the series Learning From the News
A KS2 maths classroom resource about coordinates and maps

Maths extras

For more ideas and resources see:


Number and algebra

4 mins Key Skills Intervention
Part of the series Boost Your Teaching
Sessions help primary pupils keep up with literacy and numeracy
3 mins Problem-Solving - Is It a Bargain?
Part of the series Primary Lesson Starters
Working out when a deal is good value and when it is a con

Primary Maths Channel

A selection of the best primary maths programmes

More in...

3 mins Hero Dogs
Part of the series Learning From the News
Find out about the brave work of police dogs


Using Video in Maths
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Lesson Planning Pack - Problem-solving
Help Key Stage 2 pupils get to grips with problem solving in maths lessons, with this CPD resource, primary lesson idea, and two lesson starters to use in your lesson planning
(4 programmes)