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Find help in bringing a broad understanding the varied belief systems to your class, with new ideas, lesson plans, video resources and advice from peers and experts.

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3 mins Learning From the News – Diwali
Part of the series Learning From the News A primary Key Stage 2 RE resource about the festival of Diwali


Religious Education
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Acts of Collective Worship
See how other schools are bringing their acts of collective worship to life, some through the use of ICT, others through involving pupils in an innovative way.
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Primary religious education videos

15 mins The Bible, Creation, Eid
Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)
The Ramadan feast is over and now is the time for prayers and presents. But what story has a surprise visitor got to tell? Find out what happens in Samira's Eid, just one of the resources in today's Resource Review.
No Subtitles
15 mins Rama and Sita, The Holocaust, The Monkey King
Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)
The broadcast version of this programme is subtitled.
15 mins ICT Special: Primary RE
Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)
 In this episode, we highlight three great ICT resources for teaching primary religious studies.
15 mins The Manchester Jewish Museum
Part of the series Worth the Trip
A user's guide to educational visits and school journeys. Worth The Trip features a wide variety of out-of-school activities and offers practical advice on how to organise and get the best out of school trips.
30 mins Faith Schools
Part of the series Talking Point
The government is committed to the growth of schools run or backed by religious organisations. All the major religions are in favour and numbers attending church schools continue to grow.
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15 mins Epic Inspiration
Part of the series Using Libraries
Inside Story is a cultural learning project exploring epic tales from Asia and the Middle East with teachers and children. The British Library has teamed up with with libraries, museums, archives and three primary schools in Yorkshire to help them access ...
15 mins Islamic Education - My Other School is a Madrasah
A look at the teaching and learning in two Madrasahs in Birmingham; the Zawiya Madrasah, located in an Islamic centre, and Madrasah Salafiyah, based in a more traditional mosque setting.
No Subtitles
15 mins KS2 RE - Teacher's Guide to Islam
In this programme we explore the basic elements of Islamic faith that any primary teacher would need to know by spending 48 hours in the company of the Sheikh family from Birmingham.
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15 mins KS2 RE - Teaching about Islam
This programme shows how one school, Wylde Green Primary in Sutton Coldfield, approaches teaching about Islam.
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15 mins KS2/3 RE - Rules and Responsibilities
In this programme Lynne Broadbent and Shaun Burns present a motivational project about rules and responsibility, devised for Year 6 RE pupils as they begin secondary school.