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Subjects > Science (primary)

Engaging and exciting experiments, lesson ideas and video resources.

Physical processes

3 mins How We Hear
Part of the series Primary Lesson Starters
Hide-and-seek shows how ears locate sounds, for KS1/2 science
3 mins It’s Snowing!
Part of the series Learning From the News
A KS2 science classroom resource about freezing and melting

Electricity and magnetism

15 mins Primary Science: Electricity
Part of the series Resource Review (Primary)
Assessing three resources for teaching electricity at primary
3 mins How Electricity is Used
Part of the series Primary Lesson Starters
A KS2 science resource about the the way electricity works

Life processes and living things

5 mins APP for Primary Science - Mummification with Deborah Herridge
Part of the series Inspirational CPD Training
A CPD trainer demonstrates a practical exercise for science APP
6 mins Teaching the KS2 Role Play Lesson
Part of the series Junk Food Science - Role Play
A Key Stage 2 role play lesson on the science of health and diet

Materials and their properties

3 mins Learning From the News - Pumpkins
Part of the series Learning From the News
A KS1 resource on the different uses for Halloween pumpkins
5 mins APP for Primary Science - The Big Stink with Deborah Herridge
Part of the series Inspirational CPD Training
A primary science experiment incorporates Victorian history

Junk Food Science

Get your pupils engaged with lesson packs and video resources designed to build their understanding of the science linking health with diet, as part of National Science and Engineering Week.
Read more about Junk Food Science

Classroom resources

Great lesson ideas

  Primary Science: Materials Activities Engaging ideas for teaching materials in primary science lessons.
  Primary Science: Forces and Motion Activities Ideas for teaching forces and motion for KS1and KS2 pupils.
  Primary Science: Electricity Activities Introductory lesson ideas for teaching the topic of electricity
  Primary Science: Light and Sound Activities Lesson ideas for teaching light and sound at KS1 and KS2

Resources: lesson plan

The lesson plans of Marian Thomas, science co-ordinator Tonyrefail Primary School, who also discusses the project's benefits to pupils.
Lesson plan: Salmon homecoming project(Word 48kb)

Watch the video this resource comes from:

15 mins Something Fishy in the Classroom
Part of the series Inspirations
Raising salmon from eggs to adults

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