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Subjects > Business studies (secondary)

Share effective, tried-and-tested ways to bring the commercial world to life - from the principles of enterprise to the mysteries of marketing and manufacturing and beyond.

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5 mins Wall Street Crash
Part of the series The Witness An American relives life after the Wall Street Crash


Marketing: Research and Segmentation
Why do businesses use market research and segmentation? Here, the pros and cons are explained, along with clear descriptions of key marketing terminologies in as series for use in KS3/4 lessons.
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Secondary business studies videos

55 mins Business and Economics
Part of the series Uncut Classrooms
A Year 9 GSCE business and economics class at Haydon School, in Hillingdon, is introduced to the concept of the product cycle and explore how it applies to some familiar consumer items.
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15 mins ICT Special: Secondary Business Studies
Part of the series Resource Review (Secondary)
In this episode, we highlight three great ICT resources for secondary business studies.
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15 mins Secondary Business Studies
Part of the series Resource Review (Secondary)
Expert Chris Horton, enterprise advisor for Westminster and Kensington, looks at three ways to teach secondary business studies.
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15 mins Young Entrepreneurs
Part of the series Using Businesses
In this programme, we examine the ways in which embarking upon a business venture at school can benefit students.
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55 mins 1929: The Year of the Crash
A look at the causes of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the social, economic and political implications that followed it.
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15 mins KS4 Business Studies - Understanding Balance Sheets
David Connolly uses inventive methods to ensure his Year 11s gain the maximum possible understanding before their approaching exam. David, head of business education at Dixon's City Academy, believes accounts and finance can traditionally be a dry and ...
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15 mins KS4 Business Studies - Celebrity Investing
Pablo Casasbuenas, business studies teacher at Bexley Business Academy, introduces an entertaining stock exchange game to his Year 10s. The game is an online stock exchange simulator with a twist; replacing companies with celebrities and profits with ...
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15 mins KS3/4 Business Studies - Sales and Profit
In this programme, we see the rules of a simple business game that helps teach cost types, revenues, profit and price-setting. Head of business studies Gill Wright, from Brighouse High School in West Yorkshire, knows that teaching abstract concepts can be ...
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15 mins KS3/4 Business Studies - Interviews and Recruitment
This programme provides an opportunity to see key moments from a series of lessons designed to recreate some of the real-life dynamics of a job interview. Developed by business studies teacher Gill Wright, the Year 10 and 11 lessons aim to get pupils to ...
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15 mins KS4 Business Studies for Pupils - On The Street Where We Work
Split into separate sections, this programme features three types and sizes of business, all working on the same street. Barbers is owned and run by Nadim Akhtar as a sole trader, Monty's Fitness Club is a limited company owned by Monty Clarke and The Big ...
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