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Subjects > Cross-curriculum (secondary)

Find creative approaches and ideas for cross-curriculum teaching that engages and inspires your pupils.

Explore cross-curriculum

Classroom resources

7 mins Engineering Diploma Functional Skills
Part of the series Secondary Lesson Starters Engineering lesson ideas promoting English, ICT and maths skills


Literacy at Secondary
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TAs - Celebrity Haircut
Teaching Assistants from a secondary school in Leeds receive a celebrity makeover from hairdresser to the stars, Michael Douglas, and share their thoughts and feelings about the roles they play in school.
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Secondary cross-curriculum videos

15 mins Key Stage 3 Curriculum
Part of the series Need to Know
In this episode of Need to Know, education journalist Mike Baker looks at what the impact will be of the new Key Stage 3 Curriculum when it is introduced in September 2008. He details the ideas behind it, what teachers can expect and how they can be ...
15 mins Cross-Curriculum Teaching
Part of the series The Secondary A-Z of...
Secondary teachers discuss their own experiences of cross-curricular teaching and why they feel it enriches their student's learning.
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15 mins European Parliament
Part of the series Worth the Trip
In this programme, a group of 14- to 16-year-old students embark upon a cross-curriculum visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
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15 mins A Sense of Hope
Part of the series Human Scale Schools
Headteacher John Matthews speaks frankly about Brislington Enterprise College's struggle to cater for every child and the poor state of the school's buildings.
15 mins This is Our School
Part of the series Human Scale Schools
Bishop's Park College in Clacton-on-Sea is divided into three schools, with school leaders, staff and students all benefiting from a personalised approach.
15 mins Chemical Puppets
Part of the series Action! Teacher Video
Alex Gibbons, from Thomas Tallis School in south east London, teaches science by inventing creative activites for a Year 9 class who find the subject challenging.
No Subtitles
15 mins KS3/4 Humanities - Crossing Core Subjects
Humanities subjects at KS3 are often taught independently of each other. In this programme, we see Uplands Community College in East Sussex incorporating history, RE and geography in a single field-trip to Lewes.
No Subtitles
15 mins Secondary Cross Curricular - Tomorrow's Teacher
Students predict what they think the future holds for their education, from holographic teachers to a homework machine.
No Subtitles
30 mins KS3 Cross Curriculum - Fashion
Year 7 students at St. Paul's Catholic College in West Sussex take part in a week long cross-curricular project on fashion, in this inspirational and colourful programme.
No Subtitles
30 mins KS3 Cross Curricular - Space and Rocket Week
Eleanor Wilkinson is a maths teacher from Sussex with a big idea for a cross-curricular space and rocket week.